Thursday, March 3, 2011

The boundaries of my village

lush green trees sway at ease
the land vast, the fences rusty
only soil rules over the entire land
the sky can clearly see them playing with the breeze

standing near the fence
I try to capture silence
I try to look for a piece of life
I try to bond with the tallest tree in the vicinity

in daytime, it looks like a painting
with all the colours picked up from nature
and at night, it looks like infinity
undefined, adopting the colour of the night-sky

everything here is dry
even the small well is see at a distance
there is nothing in here to please our eyes
but, yet I love the boundaries of my village

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deep down somewhere...

I see complexity even in the straight lines

I see the depth in a painter’s hands

Ice cream melts faster these days

Developed an aversion for soft music

Falling in love with chaos

Colours appear too loud

I wish to see everything with closed eyes

I wish to feel the kicks of loneliness I conceived

Doing nothing, interests me

A glass of water looks larger than life

Living in a mess trying to be perfect

A feeling unknown is the purest feeling left within me

I swear, I see beauty in a beast

I feel the whole universe is mine

I walk on the sand under the hot sun

Some stranger splashes drops of freshness on my face

The only ray bright, shining like a night star in the noon

I just kept looking at him, smiling

I wonder, what just happened

I wonder why dreams are always beautifully weird

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is how we grew together…

The smell of the wet soil

We inhaled together,

In the shower of first rains

We shivered together,

Rowing those white paper boats

We smiled together,

Evenly shared the bitter chocolates of fever…

This is how we grew together…

The first day of our formal teaching

We ended up sitting together,

In every class of history

We shared our past memories together,

Throwing chalk pieces on everyone

We giggled together,

Evenly shared the bitter chocolates of exams…

This is how we grew together…

The 9 O’ Clock lectures

We bunked together,

In the search of right partner

We failed together,

Remembering those friendships days

We celebrated together,

Evenly shared the bitter chocolates of boring lectures…

This is how we grew together…

The creamy taste of cappuccino

We sipped together,

In the formal meetings

We screwed up together,

Recalling those weak moments

We typed resignation letters together,

Evenly shared the bitter chocolates of deadlines…

This is how we grew together…

The title of ‘eligible for marriage’

We earned together,

In the sequence met innumerable faces

We rejected them all together,

Realizing those ‘undiscovered feelings’

We tied-up knot together,

Evenly shared the bitter chocolates of responsibilities…

This is how we grew together…

The tiny kicks within my stomach

We felt together,

In the beauty of a new life

We jived together,

Treasuring those days full of beans

We lost our teeth together,

Evenly shared the bitter chocolates of ill health…

This is how we grew together…

I just read you a story

We conceived together…

Evenly want to share the bitter chocolates of time…

This is how I wish to close our chapter forever…

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sitting on the couch facing the window, I try to see you.
The naughty yellow curtains along with the balmy breeze
Struggle hard to hide you.
Ah! I see you.
I close my eyes to let the breeze embrace me
I open my eyes to gape at your beauty

I wonder how people get hypnotized by you,
And that includes me too.
May be it’s your simplicity, or may be it’s your selfless nature
May be it’s your beauty, or may be it’s your grandeur.
And from thousand other epithets you possess,
May be it’s your radiance that sparkles the night

Your beauty is eternal; your presence is soothing,
Your vision is spotless and your coolness is sizzling.
It is in no way just another night
It is indeed one of the romantic ones.
We always look upto Taj Mahal as a symbol of love,
But you will always a symbol of romance.

Sitting on the couch facing the window I see you glittering.
I played some random music on my cell phone,
And everything seemed so charismatic.
Felt like dancing. Felt like I am on a rainbow ride.
You are too far to hear my nervous heart beats,
But too near to be called as a wonderful part of my life.

I see no need to seek the switch board,
For I could look into his eyes with that bit light of yours.
I saw a desire in his eyes, to make me a part of his life someday.
His fingers passed through mine, to hold my hand tight.
The hold was warm and enough to keep your coolness away.
We whispered and nervousness escaped to bring in few mute moments

We hugged each other, as emotions took charge.
These moments of pleasure, I chose not to see them, but just feel them.
It was like I wanted to freeze them, but could not,
It was like I wanted to rewind the clock, but could not,
It was a way to express what we felt.
It was the purest feeling we could ever get – selfless and divine.

Sitting on the couch facing the window, we saw you smiling
You were the only witness to our intimate moments,
We wish, you would tell our love story to one of the stars around,
Who will bring back our love into our lives being a falling star.
We had a wish; this star should come back into our lives
When things go wrong and when our emotions are barred by our minds.

Sitting on the couch facing the window, I see you
And await the falling star to let love touch our lives once again
To never go back…

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be Real. Be Yourself

Like yourself, love yourself and respect yourself.

Eat when you are hungry, not when you want to pass time

Sleep when you tired, not when you get bored

Stop talking when not in mood, not when you had fight

Dress up when you like, not when the friends demand

Love yourself when you feel like, not when others teach you to love

Reject when you mean it, not when its jealousy

Appreciate when you should, not when others force you to do

Respect when its honesty, not when it is personality

Be happy when you win over small things, not when you claim it to be yours

Accept when you truly loved it, not when you want someone to be happy

Share when you feel low, not when others ask you to

Hate yourself when you hurt someone, not when others criticize you

Do it when you actually feel the need, not when you are out of choice

Smile when you want to, not when others want to

Go for outing when you get the escape feeling, not when others want you to come

Get upset when it really hurts, not when somebody doesn't gift you

Feel good for what you are. Enjoy the real you

I smile round the clock

The morning sun and the crowdy train,
still I manage a corner for me,
the only thing I see are the tall and short heads in a sequence
that resemble a game of building block
yet I smile round the clock.

The office building and the work load,
still I manage a schedule for me.
The only thing I see are the black spots on the white paper.
They are the only ones who talkyet,
I smile round the clock.

The yummy breakfast and the tasty lunch,
still I manage to have it early.
The only thing I see are friends teasing for the number of tiffins I carry
they say I carry a stock,
yet I smile round the clock.

The boring lectures and the boring friends,
still I manage to attend the lectures.
The only thing I see are the attendance sheets around me
my feets say no to walk,
yet I smile round the clock.

Smiling is all I love.
And for this sole reason,
I smile round the clock.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Million Dollar Smile

People say smile is the happiest person in the world.

They believe smile is very beautiful in whatever way she is.

They think smile can make someone’s day, the best possible ever.

But smile actually means a lot.

Smile pretends to be a well cultured creature,

Who never stays with someone for a long time.

But I know a few whom smile accompanies 24X7.

Smile greets others pleasantly,

And calls for a dinner.

But I know a few who misuse smile

Smile says ‘betrayal’ is not in her dictionary,

And is always being positive.

But I know a few who back stab through smile.

Smile accepts everything offered to her,

And happily agrees on everything.

But I know what it takes for smile

To agree when the heart says no.

Smile knows how to manage love,

And does everything for love.

But I know what smile sacrifices for love.

Smile is never mean, nor is she bias.

And is always expressive.

But I know a few who do it all just with a smile.

Smile says hi and smile says hello!

And the talks go on.

But I know a few, who then forget smile

And say who was she?

Smile likes talking and talking,

And some more talking.

But I know a few, who bitch behind smile.

Smile is pleasing and smile is adorable,

Smile is happiness and smile is glow.

And I know many, who just love ‘smile’